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For over twenty years, Maryland Delivery Consulting has been serving the delivery needs of the Nation's Capital with fast, efficient service. We are aware that price is the most important consideration, and to that end, we will meet or beat the competition. However, you also want quick and dependable service--that's a given. What makes us different is that we are a full service company with the emphasis on service and options.

What is a delivery systems specialist? How can they benefit you by incorporating their services into your present operation? The modern delivery specialist is a company capable of providing you with a wide variety of both vehicles and services. Whether you require a cross-town courier, a van to make zone drops in the afternoon, or a large truck to make a regular routed run, a delivery specialist can provide your company with a vast array of customized programs to fit your needs without the associated expense of adding additional personnel or paying an overtime premium to regular staff or drivers .

In this age of corporate restructuring, budgetary constraints place a premium on cost efficient services and methods that provide for a maximum proficiency in personnel and department production. The success of any company competing in today's marketplace requires review and revision of many operational practices and procedures. The ability to recognize innovative products and services, that will lead the way into the next decade, can provide you with a strong competitive edge.

For sales and service oriented companies one of its key decisions will involve the cost, method, and productivity of delivering its products and services in a timely and efficient manner. The associated expenditures in operating and maintaining a fleet delivery is an ever increasing burden that encompasses both personnel and associated vehicular expenses. Other than depleting company owned or leased vehicles, a viable alternative is to augment your current fleet operations with a delivery system specialist.

Need to make deliveries but don't have the staff or want to bear the associated expenses? We'll assign a vehicle and driver to your company on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or as long as you need them.

To see how Maryland Delivery Consulting can be your specialist and improve your firm's efficiency, call us at 301-417-6900, or e-mail at jameswithmdc@aol.com.

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