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Delivery Times
Regular Rush

Inside Beltway 2 hours 60-90 minutes
Outside Beltway 2-2 1/2 hours 60-90 minutes
Within D.C. 1 1/2-2 hours 60-90 minutes
Bike Delivery
Times in D.C.
Regular Rush

Downtown to/from Downtown 60-75 minutes 30 minutes
Downtown to/from Capital Hill Approx. 90 minutes 60 minutes

Additional Stop: $3.25 Flat Rate Per Stop
Additional Weight: First 25 Pounds Free 10 Cents each additonal Lb.
Attempted Pick-Up: Greater of: 1/2 of the way 1 way Charge of $6.00
Bad Address Delivery: $6.00 Flat Rate
Round Trip Service: 100% Additional per Delivery
Rush/Expedite Service: 50% Additional
Waiting Time: First 5 Minutes Free 30 Cents Easc Additional Minute
Weekend/After Hours:
After Hours 7:pm-7:am
Monday Thru Friday
100% Additional
Traffic or Weather Conditions May Extend Service Times
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